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A framework for diagrams using JavaFX

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Welcome to FXDiagram

FXDiagram is a framework for creating diagram tools based on JavaFX. By adding a thin layer of abstractions only, the developer can still leverage the full power of JavaFX. FXDiagram provides additional library classes to selectively add higher-level functionality trimmed for best user experience.

Selected features:
- Modern graphics
- Suggestive metaphors
- Optimized for usability
- Multi-touch gestures
- Smooth transitions/animations
- Animated auto-layout (based on KIELER and Graphviz)
- Animated undo/redo
- JSON persistence
- SVG export
- Xtext/Eclipse integration
- Graphical context menu
- …and much more

FXDiagram is almost entirely written in Xtend, which allows for very concise and readable code while still being fully compatible with Java.

FXDiagram runs with plain Java applications but also integrates well with Eclipse. Adding a diagram view for an Xtext language is easy.

You can find more information on my blog.